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Kia Tire Rotation Service

When you need an oil change, it’s good to go somewhere where they know your vehicle.

Certified Kia Synthetic Oil Change Service in Albuquerque, NM

When you need an oil change, it’s good to go somewhere where they know your vehicle. It’s better to go somewhere where you can get OEM parts for your oil change, and it’s best to go where there’s all of that wrapped up in one. Synthetic oil is a particularly long-lasting oil that’s been bolstered to be able to protect your engine well, and we provide synthetic oil changes at our service center at Fiesta Kia so that you can keep your engine running smoothly.

Synthetic Oil vs. Other Oils

Synthetic oil is an optimized oil that can last longer than other types of oil through the use of chemical additives. Conventional oil is the classic motor oil that we’ve used in cars for decades, and while it also lubricates and protects your engine, it does so for a shorter amount of time than synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil that aims to provide some of the benefits of both oils in one.

How Synthetic Oil Changes Work

Synthetic oil changes are like most other oil changes, only different in the type of oil that’s used. First, the oil drain plug is accessed from the bottom of the car, opened, and then all the old oil is drained. Once the old oil is all gone, the oil filter is removed and replaced with a new oil filter. Then the plug is closed and covered, and our technicians fill up your car with up to six quarts of synthetic oil. After the vehicle is tested to make sure all went well, your vehicle comes back to you ready to go.

Why Change Your Oil

Old oil is dangerous for your car. To understand why we need to understand what oil does. Oil lubricates and protects your engine from corrosion and other damage, running over the engine block to continually keep it running smoothly. As oil ages, it loses the ability to protect the engine and can even burn off, leaving you with less oil than when you started. This can cause damage to the engine if it’s not getting enough oil or it’s getting degraded oil that can’t protect it, which is why oil changes are necessary.

Visit Fiesta Kia for Your Synthetic Oil Change

Our service center is the premier Kia synthetic oil change provider in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, North Valley, South Valley, Carnuel, and surrounding areas. We do everything we can to help your car run like it should, and we’re here to help with your oil change needs. Set up your appointment with our online scheduling tool, or call us today!

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